Warren Inniss

Consultant Naval Architect
Marine Warranty Experience
Salvage and Wreck Removal Experience
Project Management Experience
Naval Architecture Analysis

Warren is a Naval Architect with a range of marine consultancy and warranty experience. He is a Chartered Engineer and member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA)., He assists a range of clients, including oil and gas project owners, offshore renewables project owners, solicitors, P&I Clubs, H&M insurers, administrations, vessel owners, charterers and cargo owners/insurers.

Warren has attended salvage operations as onsite Naval Architect and performed deadweight surveys and vessel inspections. He has acted as marine warranty surveyor (MWS) onsite for loadout and transport operations, pipe-laying, and heavy lifts including the installation of jackets, platforms, wind turbines and decommissioning operations. He has worked at sites in Europe, West Africa and South America.  He has also managed surveyors as a project manager for the marine warranty survey (MWS) of various projects

For installation, transportation, salvage and wreck removal projects, he has performed office-based naval architecture design and investigation including hydrostatic stability, hydrodynamic multibody motions analysis, mooring design and structural assessment. He has reviewed procedures and calculations, and attended risk assessment meetings as Naval Architect and MWS.

Telephone:: +44 20 7083 7266

Mobile:: +44 755 422 1906

Email:: [email protected]