Brian McJury

Consultant Master Mariner
Experienced Master Mariner
Extensive Ports & Harbours Operational Experience
Oil, Gas and Renewable Project Experience
Experience with Cargo Damage Incidents

Brian is a Master Mariner with 26 years combined experience at sea and ashore, including command of roll-on/roll-off vessels, pilotage, conventional and high-speed ferry operations including catamarans, gas turbines and water jet propulsion. Brian also spent several years on ice breaking vessels.

 As a Harbour Master and Board member with large multi-cargo port authorities and fishery harbours, he implemented and managed port marine and stevedoring services, pilotage, ISPS requirements, port safety and risk management systems, fishery harbour issues and major port development projects. As a Flag State administrator, he implemented national Pilotage and international STCW legislation requirements.

He has been involved with resolving multiple cargo and vessel damage incidents, working with vessel operators and advising harbour authorities on effective port access and operations following vessel damage to facilities. He has advised national marine authorities on deep-water oil spill mitigation and implementation of international legislation.

Brian has attended, and project managed, multiple offshore oil, gas and renewable energy construction projects worldwide, including a Siberian LNG ‘megaproject’.

His sea experience includes offshore and dive vessels, ice breakers, coasters, survey vessels, harbour workboats, dredgers and ECDIS navigation.

Telephone:: +44 20 7083 7266
Mobile:: :+44 7827 336380