Ronan Byrne

Consultant Master Mariner
Experienced Master Mariner
Vessel Surveys
Marine Warranty Surveys
Extensive offshore industry experience

Ronan has 19 years seagoing experience serving the last 12 years in the offshore industry. He has 5 years’ experience in command. He has spent the earlier part of his career on Gas and Chemical tankers trading worldwide. Subsequently he served on various DP vessels in the offshore industry including Platform supply, ROV survey, Geotechnical Drilling and Geophysical survey vessels. He has experience of various vessels inspections including eCMID and OVID. He has participated in annual DP and FMEA renewal trials. He has carried out MWS inspections of barges and tugs for monopile transport and was assisting Surveyor for re-inspection of a SSCV for a jacket removal campaign

Telephone:: +44 20 7083 7266
Mobile:: :+44 7827 336405
email:: [email protected]