Mark Lawrence

Lead Digital Services
Maritime Archaeologist
3D Subsea Visualisation
Maritime Digitalisation
Marine Forensics

Mark began his maritime career as a commercial diver and following an MPhil at the University of St Andrews, became a professional maritime archaeologist. He has over 25 years’ experience in maritime related industries mainly with salvage and wreck removal, offshore renewables, oil and gas, defence and maritime archaeology. In 2006 Mark co-founded Advanced Underwater Surveys Ltd (ADUS) which specialised in 3D subsea visualisation.

Mark has extensive experience in marine forensics and maritime digitalisation and has worked within the UK, under contract to the UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport, specialising in the use of subsea survey equipment to visualise historic wrecks. Mark with ADUS, has undertaken notable work around the world since its inception, spanning the salvage & wreck removal, renewables, defence and oil & gas sectors. Within the salvage sector Mark’s work has included high profile cases such the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, the Costa Concordia, the B159 Russian nuclear submarine, the Rena, the Oliva, the Baltic Ace, the Thorco Cloud and the Sewol ferry, amongst many others. He has also completed comprehensive in-field asset surveys for SSE’s Greater Gabbard Windfarm, extensive deepwater survey work for Tullow Oil off Ghana, as well as marine asset capture work for UK ports.

Mark is also a RYA Yachtmaster and has a valid OPITO offshore safety training and medical certificate.

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