Anthony Van Damme

Consultant Master Mariner
Marine Warranty Experience
Container Vessel Management Experience
Experienced Marine Pilot

Anthony is a Class 1 Master Mariner with over 20 years of industry experience including 6 years in shoreside port and ship management. His seagoing career includes Container ships, Bulk Carriers, Car Carriers, Freight and Passenger Ferries and a Floating Gas Storage unit.

Following a career at sea, Anthony worked as a Marine Pilot, a Marine Superintendent for a large ferry company and later as a Harbour Master. As Marine Superintendent, he actively participated in the process of bringing new vessels into service, ensuring that the ship’s procedures were implemented correctly, and they passed their mandatory drills and inspections prior to entering into service.

Prior to joining Waves Group, Anthony was Divisional Harbour Master with ABP overseeing the marine management and compliance of three ports whilst restructuring operations. As part of this restructure, he developed a unified safety management system covering the three ports.

Since joining Waves group, Anthony has carried out several vessel inspections and audits.  He also has been the Marine Warranty Surveyor on several projects involving heavy lift operations, Towage operations and Jack Up Barge operations.

Anthony has first hand experience in evaluating and overseeing the installation of a new Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information System.

He is passionate about using new technology to bring innovation to the shipping and port industry.

In addition to his seagoing qualifications, Anthony has an MBA and is qualified as a Company Security Officer, Port Facility Security Office and Designated Person Ashore. He has extensive experience as a compliance auditor for ports and ships.

Telephone:: +44 (0) 20 7083 7266

Mobile:: +44 (0) 7827 974 505

Email:: [email protected]