Ian Sherrington

Structural Engineer :: Non-Executive Director
Extensive Marine Warranty Experience
Offshore Renewable Energy and Cables
Offshore Platform Decommissioning
Senior Structural Engineer

Ian is a naval architect and structural engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the maritime and offshore energy industries.   He originally qualified and served as a deck officer on tankers and then came ashore, working as a structural engineer designing offshore oil and gas jackets and topsides. In 1996, Ian moved into marine consultancy and marine warranty surveying, applying his broad marine and offshore experience to assisting a wide range of clients.  Ian is a founding Director.

During his time as a structural engineer, Ian worked on the design of several notable platforms including BP Bruce, Piper B and the Lawit platform, offshore Malaysia.  As a Marine Warranty Surveyor he has acted as MWS on projects such as Hibernia, Amenam Kpono and Sakhalin, as well as numerous renewable energy and offshore wind farm projects.

Ian specialises in marine warranty and consultancy services, focussing on the offshore renewable energy and oil and gas decommissioning sectors.  He has acted as MWS project manager for numerous offshore renewable energy projects including Thornton Bank, Northwind and Kentish Flats Extension and has considerable experience in the laying and burial of sub-sea power cables. Ian has extensive experience of offshore decommissioning and is presently the technical authority for marine warranty services on the decommissioning of a major North Sea asset.

Ian has experience of casualty investigations in the marine and offshore energy sectors and has acted as an expert witness.

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