Ming Tsang

Consultant Cable Engineer
Hydrodynamic Analysis Expert
Offshore Cable Installation Experience
Detailed Engineering Analysis
Subsea Cable Experience

Ming is a Chartered engineer and a Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers with over 5 years of experience in offshore oil & gas and renewable energy. His expertise is in hydrodynamic analysis (primarily OrcaFlex) and has offshore experience in numerous campaigns for different operations.

He has provided engineering analysis support for many offshore cable installation operations: cable lay of export, array, interlink and interconnectors; 1st and 2nd end pull-in operations into offshore assets such as monopiles and offshore substations (OSS); 1st and 2nd end pull-in operations to the shore; cable joint overboarding operations; and the launch and recovery of trenching vehicles.

Acting as the onboard Project Engineer for several installation vessels, he has gained offshore experience in simultaneous lay and burial; cable jointing; MP and OSS array cable pull-ins; and concrete mattress installations. For several campaigns, he has also assisted with vessel mobilisations and de-mobilisations.

In addition to hydrodynamic analysis, he has performed seafastening calculations for a range of items and have designed bespoke steel fabrications to codes such as AISC and Eurocode 3.

Telephone:: +44 (0) 20 7083 7266

Mobile:: +44 (0) 778 611 7996

Email:: [email protected]