Aurélien Edy

Consultant Naval Architect / Subsea Cable Specialist
Subsea Equipment Design for Floating Wind
Offshore Cable Installation Experience
Hydrodynamic Analysis Expert
Detailed & Innovative Solutions for Complex Offshore Engineering

Aurélien is a Naval Architect and Subsea Cable Engineer with over 5 years of experience in the offshore renewable energy industry. He has extensive expertise in the design and installation of subsea equipment for bottom-fixed and floating wind turbine.

He has worked on multiple subsea power cable operations such as cable lay, cable pull-in, cable load-out and shore-pull. He is proficient in using hydrodynamic modelling tools such as OrcaFlex, and has provided technical engineering analysis and solutions for various offshore applications, including mooring analysis, subsea transfer, trenching operation, tidal turbine design, spar buoy response, overboard launch and recovery.

His design experience includes inter-array cable configuration for floating wind farm in shallow and deep water. His project experience includes installation and design of export, array and interconnector cables in the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Acting as technical advisor and client representative, he has attended several offshore campaigns onboard cable installation vessels for European wind farms.

In addition, as Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS), he supervised load-out activities in China and the Netherlands, including cable transpooling and monopile load-out.

Mobile:: +65 3165 1786

Email:: [email protected]