Cargo damage

Our team of consultants has considerable seagoing and technical experience with many different types of cargo vessels and the cargoes that they carry. This includes dry bulk carriers, container vessels, bulk liquids on oil, gas and chemical tankers, heavy lift, semi-submersible, general cargo, supply and offshore construction vessels.

We attend cargo incidents on-site to investigate the damage and its cause, working with the parties to mitigate any further losses and protect the relevant interests. We have particular expertise in containerised cargoes, dry bulk, petrochemical products, heavy lift and project cargoes (including break-bulk).

If vessel damage, delays or charter party claims are involved, we can also assess the extent, cause and costs of these issues and the possible corrective measures required.

Our experience includes:

  • Loss of and incidents involving bulk carriers due to cargo liquefaction (iron ore, bauxite, nickel ore)
  • Damage to cargo and vessel on bulk carriers due to liquefaction, wetting, ventilation, shifting, spontaneous heating and fire
  • Damage and loss of containerised cargoes including, container stack collapses, fire and explosion, analysis of lashing forces
  • Project cargo or steel product damage on heavy lift vessels, seafastening failures and poor stowage
  • Stowage and securing of wood cargoes on deck
  • Cargo shortage or contamination on outturn from oil, gas or chemical tankers
  • Ro-Ro and refrigerated cargo-related damage
  • Complete CTL of vessel due to cargo-related problems