Bulk Jupiter – Expert Opinion


Off Vietnam

Project Description:

Investigation into the sudden loss of the bulk carrier BULK JUPITER during her voyage from Kuantan, Malaysia in 2015, with the loss of 18 crew members.

Our Role:

Expert opinion on naval architecture and ship stability aspects to investigate the cause of the loss, for the claim brought by owners against charterers.


  • Detailed investigation into the loss of the vessel, covering the potential causes for her sudden loss, including catastrophic structural failure, hatch cover loss or failure, cargo shifting and cargo liquefaction;
  • Analysed a wide range of cargo condition scenarios, with detailed analysis of the available evidence from loading to establish the likely cargo condition at the start of the voyage and the onset of cargo liquefaction.  This enabled us to assess the likelihood of cargo shifting and liquefaction in the sea conditions present and hence the potential for a rapid loss of stability.
  • Based on the technical analysis, we developed a plausible sequence of events, consistent with the evidence, that explained the loss of the vessel.
  • Provided detailed expert reports on the analysis of the loss for the purposes of the arbitration. Owners settled with charterers before the start of the arbitration proceedings.