Incident Investigation & Causation

We provide detailed investigations of marine and offshore incidents to establish causation and assist in settling a claim.  From attendance on-site to gather evidence and provide early reports of cause, nature and extent, we assist insurers, lawyers and the relevant interests (e.g. owners, charterers, cargo) though to reviewing the claims made by other parties and, if the matter progresses to litigation providing expert analysis and opinion.

Our practical experience helps to better understand the incident, its cause, and the chain of events, examining whether common industry practices were followed, and checking the compliance to the relevant regulations and standards.

We offer a 24 hour emergency response service.  Our team can travel at short notice to attend on-site, where they will gather evidence (including interviews), manage the situation, represent our client’s interests and establish the nature and extent of damage (and therefore quantum).  We analyse incidents to provide a clear understanding of the chain of causation.  We provide detailed reports that are understandable by technical and non-technical people alike and where required, we provide expert opinion on the matter for litigation purposes.

Our consultants use the latest technology to assist in analysing and cross-referencing digital data and more traditional forms of evidence. Electronic navigation and machinery monitoring systems can provide invaluable data to help determine cause of an incident and we use the latest software and systems to enhance the investigation.

We are regularly instructed by insurers (P&I, Hull & Machinery, cargo), lawyers, ship-owners, charterers, port authorities and government authorities. The main types of incidents that we investigate include:

  • Collisions and groundings
  • Capsize, foundering and total losses
  • Hull and Machinery damages (structural failures, engine failures, auxiliary machinery)
  • Cargo damages and losses
  • Fixed and Floating Object Damage (FFOD)
  • Personal injury
  • Charter party disputes (unsafe ports, speed and consumption)