VDR Reconstructions

The IMO mandates that commercial vessels above a certain size are fitted with VDRs (Voyage Data Recorders), often referred to as “black box” recorders. A VDR should digitally record a significant amount of information that may be useful following an incident, including position, speed, radar images, and bridge audio.

Replaying the data held within a VDR recording is often not straightforward and needs highly specialised tools and software to access all data. Waves Group have invested significantly to develop a leading capability in this area. A suite of highly specialised software and excellent industry links to allow us to offer a best-in-class VDR incident reconstruction service.

Waves Group are one of the few commercial organisations to have access to the same software as used by governmental investigative bodies such as the MAIB. This includes:

  • Avenca’s MADAS suite
  • BMT’s Rembrandt Simulator package
  • Various leading GIS packages
  • Full worldwide digital charts (official and unofficial)

Crucially, our data analysis is carried out with direct input from experienced Master Mariners, Marine Engineers and Naval Architects to identify what data is actually useful to an incident and what is unnecessary noise to significantly streamline the often lengthy data cleaning process.

Once the core elements of a reconstruction have been put in place, our specialists will work closely with the client to provide a visualisation that meets the specific requirements of the incident. This can range from simple static plots to full 3D reconstruction of events, with a fully featured set of options.

The below video gives a snapshot of our VDR reconstruction capabilities using BMT Rembrandt.

These services can be offered standalone or integrated with our wider consultancy and expert witness offering depending on your requirements.

Waves Group also have the capability to provide detailed simulation services including accurately modelled vessels and realistic hydrodynamics. This allows us to carry out “what if?” scenario evaluation and explore the outcomes that may have been achieved had different actions been taken.

Waves Group also offer full operational reviews – if VDR data is provided then we can give independent expert analysis of navigation, bridge team operations, and pilotage for your vessel and crew.

For more information on our VDR reconstruction capabilities, please contact [email protected].