Maritime Software Consultancy

Maritime digitalisation is happening across the operational spectrum from digital twin initiatives and big data insurance algorithms to fleet monitoring software and digital charting. However, developing software for maritime applications has its own unique set of challenges. Waves Group specialise in giving software developers detailed expert maritime input to help understand the industry and the information required.

We provide detailed independent “end user” analysis for software aimed at operational maritime users and the wider fleet management and marine insurance industries. We will pressure test your system and give a rounded and honest review of your products from a broad operational perspective. We can then suggest refinements, new features and extra data inputs to make your product really work for the target users.

Our expertise covers navigation, manoeuvring, engineering, ship design and construction, emergency response, insurance considerations, port operations & design, cargo logistics and operations, offshore construction and decommissioning, oil and gas, digital tracking and a whole host of other areas.

Waves Group also have strong maritime cyber security links for casualty response, cyber audits and operational guidance specific to the marine environment.

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