Waves Group Goes Green with Green Marine's Project Verdant - UK's First CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel) Powered by Hydrogen

As the world moves to a more sustainable future, the need for lower carbon alternative fuels is required to lower GHG emissions. The offshore wind sector is looking to improve their green footprint by supplying vessels that are powered by greener fuel sources such as, batteries, ammonia, methanol and hydrogen.

One such revolutionary project dubbed Project Verdant, supported by the UK’s national innovation agency, Innovate UK and led by Orkney-based Green Marine, is aiming to retrofit a CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel) with hydrogen fuel cells, to cut CO2 and NOx emissions while servicing offshore wind farms.

Date Posted: 8th April

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Waves Group are pleased to be supporting Green Marine in the development of this pioneering project. Working with EMEC (European Marine Energy Centre), the consortium has found innovative engineering solutions to help solve the technical and regulatory challenges associated with the project.

Leading our team is our Marine Engineer Kenneth English and Naval Architect Roberto Tuda.

Currently in its early stages, Project Verdant is now underway involving a preliminary design and feasibility study. If the concept is deemed viable, further developments will seek to execute the concept design and test it in the field.

The project’s conceptual design incorporates hydrogen fuels cells to deliver electric charge to batteries. The electricity generated will supply two electric motors, which can work in conjunction with the existing diesel-fuelled engines through a dual input gearbox, this will allow the diesel engines to be shut down to enable zero emission operation at slow speed while working within offshore wind farms. This hybrid system could reduce the vessel’s CO2 emissions by up to 30%, and NOx emissions by up to 40%.

We believe this study will form the foundation for the use of hydrogen as a marine fuel in the CTV market. The use and ease of the project’s modular design will also provide the versatility required to ensure the operational profile of the vessel is maintained.

Having worked in the offshore renewable energy sector for over 15 years, on the construction and development of major offshore wind farm projects, Waves Group are pleased to be a part of such a fantastic development.

We are proud to be working with Green Marine and EMEC to develop a clear technology and regulatory pathway, bringing our knowledge in the handling and use of alternative marine fuels together with our practical engineering expertise to support the development of this project.

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