Waves Group are pleased to be appointed as the Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS) for the renovation and upgrade of Rijkswaterstaat’s Van Brienenoord Bridge. Our scope of work as MWS will include assessing the safety and design of the Transport & Installation (T&I) of high value assets for the project, analysing the equipment being used in the T&I operations and the supervision of the works during all T&I operations. Work has already started on the project since the contract was awarded early this year and will continue until final completion in 2028.

Date Posted: 23rd January

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Opened in 1965, the Van Brienenoord Bridge has a span of 287 metres and a steel arch.  It has a clearance height of 25 metres and is over 1300 metres long. The bridge has a daily traffic of 230,000 vehicles, making it the busiest bridge in the Netherlands. The interchange of the two arch bridges and the two eastern bascule bridges of the Van Brienenoord Bridge is a unique maritime operation.

A newly designed arch bridge will be built offsite, fabricated, and then carefully transported to replace the western arch. The east-bound bridge will be entirely removed and replaced by the refurbished 30-year-old western bridge.

Works will be mostly scheduled during the summertime to minimise traffic disruption.

Waves Group has over 15 years’ experience in the transportation and installation of high value assets through its involvement in the construction of major offshore wind farm projects.  We have a team of highly skilled master mariners, naval architects, marine, structural, and civil engineers who are very experienced in offshore and maritime operations, heavy lifting, load transfer operations, engineering and design.

We are pleased to be supporting this project and look forward to working with our industry colleagues to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

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