February 2020 marked the 1st anniversary for our Waves Group Singapore office. Since opening in February 2019 our team have successfully assisted our clients in over 50 offshore engineering and marine projects across the APAC region. We are pleased to be celebrating this first anniversary following the very successful year the company has had.

Our activities through the year ranged from complex engineering desk studies to casualty ‘first responder’ on site and several successful business interruption claim investigations – taking us to many countries across the Asia Pacific region. Our team in Singapore is proud to continue our excellent reputation for Fixed and Floating Object (FFO) damage incidents and claims, expanding the capability with a more global presence.

Date Posted: 20th April

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Drawing on this past year’s successes, and the increasing demand for our services and expertise, we are further expanding our Singapore operations with the relocation of our office from CapitaGreen to 3 Pickering Street, Nankin Row. The new office is both larger and strategically located in the heart of the city making it easier for our clients to reach us, even for just a coffee.

This month also marks the first full year of operation for our digital casualty management capabilities, which includes our CASPAR (CASualty Preliminary Assessment Report) system and our high-resolution 3D survey services. Both services have afforded our clients the opportunity properly evaluate and assess marine incidents with the support of our reconstructions using VDRAISECDIS and other datasets. The service offers our client’s quick access to the critical information needed to assess an incident, or claim rapidly after its occurrence, with the aim to reduce risk and increase certainty throughout the decision-making process. We have seen a continuing trend of clients using our CASPAR service to assist their situational awareness, and we have been delighted to bring these to a satisfactory conclusion for their benefit in many cases.

Our 3D subsea survey techniques have also been used in the assessment of damage to offshore wind assets such as subsea cables offering visualisation and simulation of damages. These surveys are reproduced into readable formats which offers clients increased certainty in quantum claim assessment through accurate data visualisation and damage estimation.

Along with our Singapore office’s first year celebration, this year also marks 15 years of dedicated global service to our clients by Waves Group. We are thrilled that the advances our company has made over the years has produced so many great outcomes for our clients creating tremendous relationships and trust. We can’t wait to deliver this same high quality service, to offer the most up-to-date innovative solutions in engineering and casualty response management, and to work to with all our existing and new valued clients to make this year a better year for us all across the globe.

Congratulations to our Singapore team Brian Armour and Rajesh Raman and our supporting clients in making Waves Group’s first year in Singapore a success.

To find out more about our Singapore operations, please telephone +65 3165 1786 or email [email protected].