February 14, 2019

Waves Group is proud to announce its involvement in the construction of two Belgian sector offshore wind farms, Mermaid and Seastar. We are currently providing Marine Warranty Surveyor services for the installation of foundations, infield cables, WTG, export cables and two offshore substations. Associated operations include; loadouts, installations and pulling in cables to both foundations and substations. The contract commenced in November 2018 and will continue through to the WTG installation phase in 2020.

SeaMade NV is responsible for the simultaneous development of both the Mermaid and Seastar offshore wind farms, resulting in the single largest wind farm financed and built in Belgium. SeaMade is a partnership between Otary, ENGIE Electrabel and Eneco Wind Belgium. The SeaMade Project will have 58 wind turbines with a total generating capacity of 487MW which will deliver renewable energy to 485,000 households, also allowing for a reduction of more than 500,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

We believe this contract award provides the beginning of a strong working relationship between Waves Group and the SeaMade partners, and reinforces our position as leaders within the marine and offshore consultancy industry. We have also recently worked on a number of wind farm projects across the UK and Europe such as: Horns Rev 3, Beatrice and Galloper.

Waves Group are not only experts in marine warranty surveying. We also undertake engineering, design, technical consultancy and have capability in Fixed and Floating Objects (FFO), casualty response, salvage and wreck removal, transport and heavy lifting. Please contact us for more information about the services we provide. Email mail@waves-group.co.uk, or contact us on our 24 hours emergency response number +44 (0) 207 083 7266.