Waves Group Increasing Casualty Management Capabilities – Allan Stuart and Simon Burnay Appointed to the Lloyds Panel of SCR’s

January 3, 2019

Pictured: Allan Stuart and Simon Burnay (inset).

We are delighted to announce that Allan Stuart and Simon Burnay have both been invited to join the Lloyds Panel of Special Casualty Representatives (SCR), with effect from 1st January 2019. Allan and Simon are both Naval Architects with extensive experience in marine salvage, wreck removal and casualty management and will join Nigel James on the SCR panel.

We have invested heavily in building our casualty response capabilities and the appointment of Allan and Simon to the SCR panel confirms the recognition of our experience within the industry. With 3 SCRs, supported by an experienced multi-disciplinary team of technical personnel, we are able to handle large casualties over extended periods, globally. Individually and as a Company, we have an extensive track record and experience in emergency response, wreck removals and the management of casualties.

We are extremely pleased with this development and it follows a very busy period of supporting our clients on casualties in locations around the world, including China, Tahiti, South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Turks & Caicos Islands, Kenya, Morocco and the Falkland Islands.

Attendances have included emergency response to attend vessels immediately after a grounding as SCR under the Lloyds Open Form (LOF) salvage contract with SCOPIC invoked, attendance as Client Representative and wreck removals where we have managed the tendering process and selection of the contractor on behalf of the vessel’s P&I Club, followed by oversight of the entire operation through to successful clean-up of the site.

A good example of the successful application of the experience of our team was the wreck removal of a general cargo vessel from Chitan Island, Guangdong Province, China that completed earlier in 2018. The vessel ran aground during Super Typhoon ‘Hato’ in August 2017 and we were appointed by the P&I Club as technical consultants for the initial salvage response and subsequent wreck removal.

Responding rapidly to attend the casualty, we were able to provide a detailed assessment of her condition and review plans for the removal of her bunkers to minimize any environmental impact due to the grounding.

The vessel was very heavily damaged and was declared a Constructive Total Loss (CTL). We assisted the P&I Club, who provide insurance cover for the removal of the wreck, to prepare the wreck removal tender (ITT) documents, review tenders including method statements, risk assessment and costs and recommend a preferred method and contractor. Throughout the project, we provided practical technical advice and attended as Company Representative during the wreck removal, overseeing operations and monitoring the project progress.

The wreck was safely removed with full clean up of the site completed to the satisfaction of the authorities in China. The project deadlines were successfully met and the target price for the wreck removal was attained without any variations.

We are pleased to have been a part of this very successful wreck removal project in China and it has further enhanced our experience of working with Chinese salvage contractors, something that could become increasingly important as they seek opportunities outside of China.