April 15, 2019

Waves Group is pleased to be appointed as part of PIANC’s new International Working Group, “Guidelines for the Design of Fender Systems” (MarCom WG211). PIANC is The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure and is the industry body for the design, development and maintenance of ports, waterways and coastal areas. PIANC’s MarCom Working Groups bring together the best international experts to provide guidance and technical advice related to waterborne transport and infrastructure within the maritime industry. The WG211 will consult with a wide range of maritime industry leading operators, designers and manufacturers including bodies responsible for quality assurance and testing, with the objective of updating the existing guidelines originally published in 2002.

Since 2002, PIANC’s “Guidelines for the Design of Fender Systems” have become a well-established reference for the maritime industry. The new Working Group will focus on the requirement to update the guidance to meet the latest standards set by ports, operators, vessel owners and stakeholders. The Working Group will also be working to develop an approach to fender design and testing that will minimise the risk of misinterpretation of the guidance. Waves Group fully supports the goals of the new Working Group and is proud to be a member and contributor to the group.

The Working Group will be reviewing the fender system guidelines from the perspective of fender durability, maintenance and repair. We greatly value the opportunity to contribute to the discussion on all aspects of fender system design, based on our experience working in a wide range of ports and harbour environments around the world and observing first hand the effects of poor fender maintenance and damage associated with accidental vessel impact.

Vessel design (such as size and hull profile, hull pressures, etc.) and the associated industry application of fenders, has continued to evolve at a rapid pace since the issue of the original PIANC guidance. Coupled with developments in the design methodology which has lead to innovation, refinement and development of the complete fenders systems, we consider that it is important to gather the opinions and experience of industry leading designers, manufacturers and “users” of fender systems bringing together their collective experience to provide up to date and robust design advice and guidelines for the increasing number of applications that fenders are being utilised for.

The safe and uninterrupted operation of a port facility through the design of robust and efficient fender systems is a key issue. We are looking forward to working with all members of the Working Group to update the guidelines in line with current industry trends and requirements.

More information on the update of PIANC’s 2002 guidelines can be found at http://www.pianc.org/, or we will be happy to provide further information.