Procedures and Operations

Naval Architects With Marine Planning Expertise

Our Naval Architects, Engineers and industry leaders will strive to develop marine operational procedures which are safe, functional, and follow best practice The team of practising Engineers, Naval Transport Professionals and Master Mariners have extensive experience of marine operation procedures. We understand how to implement best practice within marine planning, and produce functional, usable procedures that mitigate risk, satisfy insurers and ensure safe operations.

We advocate early engagement in the planning phases of a marine operation to identify risks, and develop operational procedures and supporting documents that are clear and comprehensive.  Among the transport documents we can develop for you are:

  • Method statements
  • Transportation manuals
  • Loading and offloading procedures
  • Heavy lift procedures
  • Ballasting procedures
  • Mooring procedures
  • Seafastening procedures
  • FMEA Assessments

In addition, our experienced Marine Architecture Consultants and Structural Engineers also provide input into the early planning or third party verification of any marine operation to ensure all alternative options have been thoroughly investigated and the best methodology chosen. Our worldwide collection of master mariners are available at the click of a button, simply contact us today.