Marine Operations

The success of marine and offshore projects often depends on the execution of the marine operations.  Designs and procedures must consider the challenges of the marine environment and the practicalities of the operations. We help our clients successfully deliver projects with careful planning, analysis, assessment and mitigation of the risks in a range of marine operations.

Our multidisciplinary team of consultants has expertise in inspecting, planning, engineering and developing procedures for marine operations.  Our Master Mariners have a wealth of knowledge in the practicalities of marine operations, covering vessel operations in-port, and nautical issues through to complex offshore operations in close proximity to assets.  Our Naval Architects and Structural Engineers can analyse a range of marine operations, and develop designs and engineering to mitigate the risks that may exist with the operation.

We offer a tailored service to our clients, from preliminary reviews and “ad-hoc” advice through to detailed design, planning and engineering (fully supported with clear and concise documentation).  We are often involved in projects from the early concepts through to the actual operation and if required, we attend on-site to support the operation.  We assist our clients in operations such as:

  • Load-outs and discharge of a range of cargo, equipment and modules
  • Heavy lifts, both in-port, near to shore and deep offshore
  • Towage and tug operations
  • Simultaneous Marine Operations (SIMOPS) in the field
  • Jack-up operations and platform/asset set-downs (e.g. GBS)
  • Cable laying, trenching and burying operations