Fixed & Floating Object Damage (FFOD)

Our team of maritime civil engineers have a long track record in the investigation of Fixed & Floating Object Damage (FFOD) cases worldwide and we are a leading source of expertise on FFOD.

Damage to fixed and floating objects can result in very large costs, including large business interruption claims. Therefore, it is essential to have specialist input to advise on the nature and extent of the damage, likely repair costs and repair schedules.  Our maritime civil engineers (supported by other disciplines) specialise in the design, assessment and construction of ports, harbours and port equipment, with a combined industry experience involving facilities in over 100 countries.

We advise insurers, lawyers, owners and charterers on FFOD, tailoring our service to the scale and nature of the incident.  In minor incidents, we can provide remote support to local surveyors to ensure that the claim will not escalate in the future. For more significant incidents, we often attend the site on an emergency response basis.

All our maritime civil engineers are commercially qualified divers and can inspect port facilities underwater.  This is very beneficial in mitigating losses, establishing if the damage is new or pre-existing and reducing claims.

Our FFOD work includes:

  • Inspection of port structures, related marine infrastructure and civil infrastructure (e.g. bridges)
  • Inspection of cargo handling equipment, such as cranes, loading arms and conveyor systems
  • Inspection of pipelines, fixed and floating platforms
  • Underwater dive inspections and surveys
  • Assessment of business interruption, including development of mitigation measures involving operational considerations in conjunction with temporary and permanent repair works
  • Investigation of “Unsafe Ports and Unsafe Berths”, including layout of the port, structural capacity of the facilities, vessel navigation, mooring and fender arrangements, and operational issues
  • Initial quantum assessment related to security guarantees
  • Claims settlement services involving on-site negotiations with the marine facility owners and other interests on behalf of vessel owners to secure the timely release of a vessel
  • Review of repair works, including tendering, monitoring and supervision, and assessment of the final claim to identify any betterment and upgrading of marine facilities
  • Expert reports and opinion for litigation