Karolina Cirjak

Consultant Master Mariner
Marine Consultant
Appointed BMA Nautical Inspector
Extensive Seagoing Experience
Dry Bulk Cargo and Heavy-lift Specialist

Karolina is a highly-experienced Master Mariner with extensive seagoing experience in all ranks. She has been Master on dry cargo vessels and has sailed on reefers, bulk carriers, container, general cargo, multipurpose, passenger ferry and submersible heavy lift vessels.

She has experience of investigating marine incidents and casualties and has submitted expert witness reports for arbitration in London for cargo and vessel damage claims involving dry bulk cargos, unsafe ports and vessel charter party disputes. Karolina has an in-depth knowledge of dry cargo operations and her experience extends to a variety of cargoes including general cargoes and heavy lift, dry bulk, containers and refrigerated cargoes.

She is an appointed Nautical Inspector for the Bahamas Maritime Authority.

Karolina was previously a Senior Lecturer at maritime colleges teaching various nautical subjects to students, where she organised, managed and delivered various academic and professional programmes and courses.

Karolina has also gained experience as a Marine Warranty Surveyor, attending numerous load-outs and heavy-lifts to review and approve operations.

Telephone:: +44 20 7083 7266

Mobile:: +44 7787 425 919

Email:: k.cirjak@waves-group.co.uk