INCREASING CERTAINTY THROUGH DIGITAL VISION – Improved Risk Management with our Advanced 3-D Survey Capabilities

March 20, 2019

We are delighted to announce an exciting new addition to our capabilities that will help our clients increase the certainty of outcome in their projects.

Mark Lawrence and Stuart Leather, formerly of Advanced Underwater Surveys (ADUS) and then ADUSDeepOcean, have joined Waves Group, bringing extensive experience and capabilities in high resolution 3-D surveys and data acquisition.

ADUS are very well known in the marine casualty field, having pioneered the use of high-resolution 3-D and point-cloud imagery in salvage and wreck removal projects, including the Costa Concordia, Deepwater Horizon, Baltic Ace, Sewol and MSC Rena amongst many others. In addition, the team has excellent experience in providing cost effective surveys and inspections in the Ports and Offshore Energy sectors, including; full port infrastructure condition assessments and visualisations, subsea power cable damage assessments, offshore platform jacket structural inspections and subsea hardware post installation surveys.

The addition of this capability is a significant step for us in enabling clients to visualise the condition of vessels and assets and better understand the impacts and the risks involved. By combining this with our extensive engineering and practical experience, clients will benefit from the rapid evaluation of condition, monitoring of changes with time and improved management of project risks to increase the certainty of a positive outcome. The visual presentation of the vessel or assets also greatly assists in communicating with stakeholders (e.g. local authorities), who may not understand the technical aspects of the project.

We can use a range of techniques and systems to acquire the data, including aerial and underwater drones, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), underwater laser scanning, photogrammetry and video capture as well as more traditional survey techniques such as multi-beam sonar. We select the methods best suited to the individual project to ensure accuracy and value for money.

The acquired data is made available to the users through a range of media, including still images (including overlays with drawings), video footage and 3-D walk or fly-through capabilities. With the addition of relevant data and information, the visualisation can be enhanced by augmented and virtual reality displays to significantly improve understanding and interrogation of the data. The data and visualisations can be viewed ‘anytime-anywhere’, giving the ability to bring together project teams and stakeholders from anywhere in the world to view the data and discuss the impacts.

By improving the ability to view, visualise and understand the condition of the vessel or asset, more informed decisions can be made on the next steps and it enables the effective analysis of scenarios to determine the project milestones such as schedule, completion date and costs. We believe that this improved certainty is very advantageous in today’s commercial environment where effective project management and governance is critical.

The new capability integrates with our existing services to give:


We are very excited about this new addition to our capabilities and look forward to assisting our clients to increase certainty in their projects. For further information or to request a demonstration please contact or telephone +44 (0)20 7083 7266.